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Our vision at Mental Health Providers of Western Queens is to be an active resource in our community. This is a considerable challenge in Western Queens where forty nine percent of the population are immigrants from many countries, interspersed with residents from earlier migrations. This gives reverse meaning to the term “Global Village” in the sense that little parts of the world have assembled in our community. The norms of this “New Village” are still unformed and local Social Service Providers, Mental Health Systems, and the School System are called on to help. At Mental Health Providers we work to be a resource in this “New Village”, where many ethnic groups have assembled often bringing with them trauma and loss.

Many of our professional staff are drawn or developed from this same immigrant population. Thus, cumulatively we have mental health professionals who speak nine languages. They help to bridge the gap between “there” and “here”. They extend the “Village” and help clients feel more at home and receptive to services.

Mission Statement

Mental Health is our greatest resource. It enables us to maintain relationships, engage in work, take care of our physical health and contribute to society. At Mental Health Providers of Western Queens, Inc., our mission is to help each individual reach and maintain their highest level of functioning. Our programs are organized around this principle. We are dedicated to being a resource for good in our community in an open and receptive manner.

Western Queens Consultation Center
Western Queens Consultation Center

Western Queens Consultation Center is a community-based, mental health agency serving individuals, children and families. We are committed to offering the highest quality services for those in emotional need. We have made it a priority to provide a comfortable setting in which our clients will feel a sense of respect and caring.

School Based Services
School Based Services

The School Based Services (SBS) program is where services are provided in-house to partnered schools to address behavioral issues in the classroom. Therapists work collaboratively with the school’s faculty to help students who may be exhibiting mental health symptoms that are affecting their performance in school. Since our therapists are in the school during school hours, they are readily available to provide immediate Crisis Intervention and Assessments to students who may require immediate attention from a mental health professional.

Western Queens Recovery Services
Western Queens Recovery Services

Western Queens Recovery Services (WQRS) is an alcohol/substance abuse community-based treatment program serving individuals, families, adolescents, children and significant others. It provides a comprehensive, family oriented approach to the treatment of chemical abuse and dependence with treatment planning responsive to each individual’s needs. Assessments are conducted by our highly trained, and culturally competent, professional staff to determine the most effective forms of treatment.

Western Queens Care Management
Western Queens Care Management

Mental Health Providers of Western Queens operates a Blended Case Management Program which is funded and regulated by the New York state Office of Mental Health. The program provides case management services to adults, adolescents and children in the queens community who are living with mental illness and/or serious emotional problems. Recipients are provided with either an Intensive Case Manager (IMC) or a Supportive Case Manager (SCM) dependent on recipient need and OMH criterial.

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services
Children and Family Treatment and Support Services

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) provides rehabilitative services for those under the age of 21 who participate in Medicaid. Services meet the client where
they’re at. Sessions can be conducted in one’s community, home, or school.

Western Queens Prevention Services
Western Queens Prevention Services

Western Queens Prevention Services (WQPS) is a New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) licensed program affiliated with Mental Health Providers of Western Queens, Inc. Using evidence based tools and engaging cost-free programs, WQPS works to strengthen individuals’ resilience, enhance their motivation to succeed, and help them to make well informed choices to delay and prevent the use of drugs and alcohol. With a focus on community needs, evidence-based practices, and cultural competence we approach prevention from multiple angles in English and Spanish.

COVID-19 Emergency

A message to our valued clients and our community: A message to our valued clients and our community:

  • To protect health and welfare, we have transferred all our services to “remote platforms.” More simply, we are operating by phone and whenever possible via audio-video conferencing (we will post more on this later).
  • We are conducting all scheduled appointments and your Therapist will call you at your appointment time. If you are unable to connect with your Therapist, please call the regular clinic number (a live person will answer from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.). If lines are busy, please call back.
  • We also continue to conduct psychiatric and medication consultations. Our doctors continue to prescribe and ensure continuation of medication therapy. Please call in and confirm the date of your next psychiatric appointment. Please Note: Psychiatric time is very precious, and we do not want you to miss these appointments.
  • We also continue to process new intakes to the best of our capacity. This capacity is improving as our remote services become more organized.

We hope you and your family are well and are keeping safe, taking precautions. We understand that this is a time of anxiety and stress. We want to be there for you and our community to the best of our ability.

We understand that telehealth comes with some frustrations, we ask you to be patient.

While this is a challenging time, we will all come through this together and be able to return to normal practice reasonably soon.

Please stay informed, take the risk seriously, and stay safe.