Mental Health Providers of Western Queens, Inc. (MHPWQ), which was founded over 30 years ago, has a long history as a caregiver organization in Western Queens. Our mission has focused continuously on improving emotional wellbeing and promoting productive and happy lives. We have continued to grow and change to remain a relevant resource to the community, through an emphasis on responsiveness to observed needs and appreciation for the cultural diversity of Western Queens.

Consequently, our major service component is the provision of community mental health services to children, families, and adults through sponsorship of two large mental health clinics in Jackson Heights and Sunnyside. In recent years we have greatly increased our community involvement by expanding our clinical services into over 13 NYC public schools, where we provide consulting services to staff and counseling services to children and parents. All our mental health services are regulated and licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health.

As an enhancement to our adult and child mental health services we also provide care coordination and case management services. In this program our staff members work diligently to ensure continuity of care. Home visits are conducted, clients are helped with medical and psychiatric appointments, and assistance is given when necessary in the tasks of home maintenance.

Substance abuse and recovery services are on-going areas of community concern. At our Woodside office for over 25 years we have sponsored a New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) licensed recovery program. In this program we work closely with community leaders and justice services to provide a path toward recovery and renewal.

Working in Western Queens we have exposure to immigrants from around the world, who bring with them enormous linguistic and cultural diversity. Consequently, seeking to meet this challenge our staff reflects the diversity of the community served and we strive continuously to emphasize cultural competence, including employment of clinical professionals who speak many languages. The following is an abbreviated list of languages spoken by clinical staff: Spanish, Cantonese, Hindi, Russian, Bengali, Creole and English. Our psychiatry staff is especially diverse, with the ability to provide clinical services in 7 languages with daily psychiatry coverage including Saturdays.

As part of our ongoing efforts to be a responsive community resource, we are open daily from 9AM to 9PM, and from 9AM-6PM on Saturdays. Our program locations are easily accessible via public transportation.

All our programs are licensed and regulated by New York State and our staffing plan is approved by the appropriate state regulators.