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Cyber Bullying: Teasing and Name Calling in Cyber Space

February 1st, 2014 by

How Cyber Bullying Affects a Child’s Performance in School and How to Help Victims of Cyber Bullying

Presenter: Rimjhim Datt, LMSW

This workshop focused on defining what Cyber Bullying is now and how to recognize when cyber bullying is occurring amongst children and adolescents. Participants were engaged in a discussion on how to identify warning signs of cyber bullying in schools and in the community. The discussion went on to identifying those who are at risk of cyber bullying and understanding that no single factor puts a child at risk of being bullied or children bullying others. Focus was also placed on special groups such as LGBT youth, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, and Children Special Physical and Emotional Needs.

The presenter then moved on to the effects of cyber bullying and how it affects everyone, from those who are being bullied to those who bully, and finally those who witness the bullying. Participants also discussed their experiences of managing cyber bullying issues in schools and in the overall community and the physical and emotional effects cyber bullying has on a child and their family. Participants were also engaged in how to prevent cyber bullying in school and at home and how to safely use technology at home.

A conversation of how to respond to cyber bullying and teaching children to ask for help when cyber bullying is occurring along with scenarios were given to groups of 6-8 participants to consider as a wrap-up activity. Participants were asked to use everything they’ve learned in today’s workshop to identify if cyber bullying is present and how to best address it utilizing all of the resources available to them including engaging parents, law enforcement, and online service providers. Special attention was also given to empowering children to speak up about cyber bullying and how they can seek help immediately after an incident.

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