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Centering the Mind: Wellness Strategies to Reduce Anxiety in the Classroom

March 6th, 2015 by

How to Approach Anxiety in the Classroom with Exercises and Techniques for Students and Faculty

Presenter: Charles Jim, LMSW

This workshop created an open space for school guidance counselors, psychologists, specialists, and parent coordinators to talk about what gives them anxiety in the classroom, as well as their students. The discussion began with opening comments from attendees about what is creating stress and anxiety in the classrooms of their schools. It was also asked what these professionals currently do to manage the stress, both for themselves and for their students.

The presenter continued to expand by providing helpful, practical ways to reduce stress throughout the school and work day. Various relaxation methods, deep breathing exercises, and body awareness activities were recommended for different situations. The presenter also led a guided meditation for attendees, with visualization techniques to help calm the mind and encourage mind-body connection for each individual. The attendees were given a chance to experiment with each stress reducing method, noting what works best for them personally and sharing with the group what they enjoyed most from the recommendations.

The workshop concluded in an extended discussion about the attendees’ personal experience with the techniques, with the presenter further expanding upon the benefits or struggles a professional might have with these exercises, and how they can be implemented within the classrooms for faculty and students as often as possible. This workshop presented useful ideas and tips for stress reduction that every school professional should be aware of.


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